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TRi Series

Inspired by nature, perfected by technology!


  • No more red eyes and itchy skin
  • Softer and healthier water
  • Total convenience – no need to manually add granular chlorine
  • No need to store hazardous chemicals.

The Zodiac TRi Series sets itself apart with built-in intelligence – computer controlled technology that monitors the pool’s chemistry and adjusts its own performance and output to match the needs of the pool (applicable to the TRi pH module). The cell integrates improved water flow with a reverse polarity feature for lower maintenance. This unique combination is the next generation in water care management!


§ An intelligent Salt Chlorinator

§ Easy to use interface

§ Expansion pack to add pH control

§ Easy access for electrode removal

§ Compact & great looking

§ Waterproof

§ Heat resistant

§ Electronic menu (English & Afrikaans)

For which pools? New or existing pools
Pool type? All types of in-ground pools and all surfaces
Installation: Rigid DN50 mm PVC piping

Models: TRi Mini (< 50 000 Litres), TRi Midi (< 80 000 Litres), TRi Maxi (<160000 Litres), TRi pH Mini (< 50 000 Litres), TRi pH Midi (< 80 000 Litres), TRi pH Maxi (<160 000 Litres),

Automatic treatment using salt water electrolysis for unbeatable efficiency and swimming comfort.

“Boost” function to quickly increase chlorine production when needed

“Low” mode to reduce chlorine production to a minimum when the pool is covered or during the cold months.

Safety features:

  •   No flow (flow detector built in)
  • Bad operating conditions (low salt indicator)

Self-cleaning cell using reverse polarity = Low maintenance
User friendly LCD screen back lit = easier monitoring
Programmable timer (2 daily schedules possible)
Optional accessory: pH Module used to upgrade any standard TRi model to a TRi pH model.
Safety features: Flow detector + red warning light for insufficient water & orange warning light for insufficient salt /cold water

Power usage: 195 W

Power supply: 220-240 V AC 50Hz


3 Year (Pro Rata Warranty on the electrode )

1 Year (Unconditional Warranty)