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Premier Heat Pump
Low Cost

The problem with heating thousand of litres of water has always been the cost. Now the pool heat pump technology simply boosts the natural heat, resulting in prefectly efficient and economical pool heating at huge cost reduction.

Superior Technology

AIR-QUARIUS has mastered the art of heating pool water cost effectively by developing a technology that not only generates heat cost effectively, it also incorporates superior transfer methodology. Heat is also extracted from the air, boosted to higher temperatures, then transferred to pool via heat exchangers, warming your pool.

Set and Forget

The best part is that it’s so easy. Set the ideal temperature and the heat pump will maintain the temperature digitally correcting the temperature as the seasons change.

How does it Work

Premier Heat Pump How to Diagram

Premier Heat Pump How to DiagramHeat Pumps utilize the sun’s free heat by collecting and absorbing energy from the outside air. This energy is then compressed and transferred to the pool water. Your existing pool pump circulates the water through the heater, usually next to the pool equipment and warms the pool. The units contains a fan that draws outside air and directs it over the surface of evaporator (energy collector). The liquid refrigerant within the evaporator coil absorbs the heat from the outside air and the refrigerant becomes gas. The warm gas in the coil passes through compressor concentrating and increasing the heat to form a very hot gas which then pass to the CONDENSER (water heat exchanger).

It is here that the heat exchange occurs as the hot gas gives up heat to the cooler swimming pool water circulating through the coil. The swimming pool water becomes warmer, and the hot gas cooling as it flows through the condenser coil – return its liquid form and, after passing on through throttle device, the whole process begins again.

Premium Pumps

Electrical Connection The Installation About Pump and Chlorinator

For your own safety, and to ensure proper operation of the unit, the electrical connections must be performed by a qualified electrician as per all applicable national, provincial, state or local electrical codes.

A circuit-breaker must be installed near the heat pump in an accessible area. Never open the electrical box without shutting off all power sources to the heat pump. If your heat pump features a water pump control option, do not forget to shut off the breaker tothis water pump.

The identification plate on the heat pump identifies all voltage requirements. If the supply cord damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer or its service agent or a qualified electrician to avoid electrical shock.

Swimming Pool Heat Pump Unit

AIR-QUARIUS Swimming Pool Heat Pump can save you up to 80% in operating costs whether you just want to extend your swimming season or swim all year round in a warm comfortable pool. The AIR-QUARIUS Swimming Pool Heat Pump could pay for itself in one year with the operating cost savings. With the special designed heat exchangers, AIR-QUARIUS Swimming Pool Heat Pump give you the perfect water temperature without a big increase in your power bill. AIR-QUARIUS Swimming Pool Heat Pump is the perfect addition to your in-ground swimming pool or spa.

The product could be widely installed at any kind of places, such as the constant temperature swimming pools, sauna constant hot water systems and supplying domestic hot water to homes.

Long operating life

Using the advanced titanium in PVC or nickel-copper in heat exchanger \ich can resist corrosion from chlorine in the water, giving it a longer operating life.

Economical and high-efficiency

Using the more efficient heat pump technology, compared to other ordinary hot water equipment (for example, combustion oil boiler, combustion gas boiler and electrical boiler ), it reduces operating costs by 65-80%. Moreover, it produces little pollution for the environment.

Inovative design, easy installation and replacement

Monoboc (single unit construction) design. The unit is remarkably compact and easy to install.

Advanced controlling

It is extremely easy to control the swimming pool heat pump units because of the built-in computer with its intelligent control and LCD displaying functions.

Running quietly

Using the high-efficient and low noise rotary or scroll compressors, low noise fans and high quality

Use safely

Water and electricity are individually insulated – no open-circuit and no water leakage.

Safe operation with multi protections

There are multiple protections for the units — overheat protection, high compressor discharge pressure, high compressor temperature and evaporator temperature protections.

Environmental-freindly refrigerant

Available in R-407C and R-410a with the latter being the more prominent and appropriate solution for the Kyoto Protocol.