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pH Perfect

Balanced to perfection.

The Zodiac pH Perfect™ automated control system allows you to regulate the pH of your pool simply and perfectly. The ideal complement to a Salt Chlorinator, the pH Perfect™ is the hassle free, no fuss solution to monitoring and maintaining the pH level of your pool.

Innovative and practical features:

  • Automated pH maintenance of the water
  • Allows you to regulate the pH of your pool simply and easily
  • Measures the pH value between 6.2 (acidic) and 8.0 (alkaline) using a pH sensor placed on the filtration circuit, which constantly analyses the water in the pool.
  • The pH Perfect™ dosing pump injects the right amount of acid needed to maintain the pH balance of the water in the pool.
  • Water that is permanently soft and clear

For which pools? New or existing pools

· Pool type? All types of in-ground pools and all surfaces

· Power supply: 220-240 V AC 50Hz

· Power usage: 9W

· Max. flow rate 1.5 L/hr


2 years