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Performance Parts

Parts and accessories designed to improve the performance and prolong the life of your Zodiac automatic pool cleaner.

  • Adjustable Deflector Wheel
    Deflector wheels are great for guiding the automatic pool cleaner away from difficult areas in a pool so that it does not get stuck. However, as deflector wheels have traditionally been fixed to the pool cleaner head, it has sometimes caused even more sticking on steps or not aided the pool cleaner in manoeuvrability. The adjustable deflector wheel was therefore designed to ensure the pool owner can set the deflector wheel in the best position on the hose, so that optimal manoeuvrability can be achieved.adjustable_deflector_wheel
  • Auto Weir Valve
    Pools use different size pumps to filter the water. This means that the flow through the respective automatic pool cleaner thus varies. The Automatic Weir Valve helps you to regulate the flow of water passing through your unit for optimal performance. The item comes with 3 settings where setting 1 is for low suction and setting 3 is for high suction.Included in : All Zodiac automatic pool cleaners.auto_wear_value
  • C-Clip Hose Weight
    In your deeper pools (1.8m + ) it may be difficult to ensure a disc based automatic pool cleaner sits flat on the pool surface due to hose buoyancy. This easy connectable hose weight will help your disc based pool cleaner remain flat on the pool surface. See any Zodiac automatic pool cleaner instruction manual for further information.Included in : All Zodiac disc based automatic pool cleaners.c-clip-hoser
  • Hose Protector
    Although Long-Life Zodiac hose has an extra co-extrusion barrier for durability, your hose will always wear quicker at the weir due to the constant friction with your weir walls. This accessory protects your hose from wearing too quickly.Included in : All Zodiac automatic pool cleaners.hose_protector
  • Weir Adaptor Kit – Not all weirs have the same connections. If you are struggling to connect the Auto Weir Valve or even standard hose to your weir, this kit should give you an adaptor which will ensure the correct fit.weir_adapter_kit

Sold as a complete extra.