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Outdoor Solar Shower

The shower, with a 5.5Gal capacity of hot water (constantly renewed throughout the day) is very easily installed by the pool’s edge or in the garden. Many people install the Solar Shower in their yard to rinse off after being in the pool.

With a simple cold water supply, this shower equipped with “SOLTUB” collector, will provide hot water outdoors … FREE.

SOLTUB Solar Collector

SOLTUB has the advantage of being both a solar collector and a hot water storage unit.

SOLTUB is designed to achieve maximum efficiency. One foot provides an average of 15KWH.

SOLTUB comes in modules of 2 to 25 Gallons. Increased capacity can be obtained by the addition of standard modules.


Technical Specifications of SOLTUB

Collector: external black polyester material with EPDM internal liner.

Working Pressure 100 lbs p.s.i

Extermities: moulded aluminium

Fittings: 3/4″ – LENGTH: 6’6″

Diameter: 4″ 3/8 – CAPACITY: 0.9 Gal/ft