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Cyclonic Leaf Catcher

The Perfect Pool Cleaner Companion

  • CYCLONIC SUCTION. Maximum suction power with no extra strain on the pump. Even when the basket is full of debris.
  • LARGE AND TRANSPARENT CANISTER. Offers easy control and maintenance with less frequent debris removal.
  • COMPATIBLE WITH ALL SUCTION CLEANERS. Suitable for Twist Lock and Standard pool hoses.

Connection Point : Between first and second hose from weir connection.

Hose Type: Standard or Twist Lock Hose.

Installation Guide: Refer to the instruction manual or click here to download.

Technology : Vortex Suction

Canister : Translucent

Capacity: 2.16 Litres

Accessories Included in the pack: 2 x adaptors for connection to standard hose.

Accessories sold separately: Hose Protector, Hose Quick Connector, Twist Lock 90° Elbow