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Comparing Hoses

High quality hoses, designed to give your pool cleaner optimal performance.

  • Long- Life Twist Lock Hose(1.2m)
    This innovative hose is now available on all Zodiac automatic pool cleaners. The uniquetechnology ensures a secure connection between each hose length and the cleaner head with an airtight fit. As with all Zodiac Long-Life hoses, the new Twist Lock hose also includes a layered construction creating a scuff resistant barrier and U.V protection for more durability. These fantastic hoses are now available in Pearl Blue, Pearl White and Pearl Grey.

    Included with : All new Zodiac automatic pool cleaners.
    Warranty : 3 Years

  • Long-Life Hose (1.2m)
    The Zodiac Long-life hose uses layered construction to provide a unique scuff-resistant barrier.
    Properties of the material used also include additional U.V. Protection to ensure your hose has the best possible life in it’s tough working environment. Although the hose has such durable wearing properties, it still offers some of the best flexibility in the market, meaning your cleaner will gain optimal coverage. Be aware of using any pool hose on your Zodiac automatic pool Cleaner as your coverage may be very limited. These high quality hoses are available in Cobalt and T-Blue.

    Included with: G4 and any Genius, G2, Pacer model purchased in 2010 or prior.
    Warranty: 3 YearsT-Blue and Cobalt are Long-Life

  • Quality Hose (1.2m)
    Zodiac have traditionally produced high quality pool hose. Because of the spiral wound method used to produce these hoses, their flexibility is excellent meaning better coverage for your automatic pool cleaner. Be careful of cheaper hose which may use a blow mold method of production, causing them to be far more rigid. It’s an acquired balance to get good flexibility and durability, but With the Zodiac hose you can be sure the best balance has been met.

    Include with: Any Pacer machine purchased in or prior to 2010.
    Warranty:2 Years

    Coral and White are Standard Quality Hose.