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C Series™

“C” is for convenience 


  • No more red eyes and itchy skin
  • Softer and healthier water
  • Total convenience – no need to manually add granular chlorine
  • No need to store hazardous chemicals.

The Zodiac C Series is the entry level Salt Chlorinator from Zodiac, offering you a cost-effective way to sanitise your pool. The only maintenance the unit requires is the cleaning of the electrode. This should be done on a weekly basis.

§ Chlorine meter and output control

§ Easy installation to new and existing pools

§ High chlorine output caters for most pool sizes.

-    For which pools? New or existing pools

-      Pool type? All types of in-ground pools and all surfaces

-      Installation: Rigid DN50 mm PVC piping

-      Models: C-110 (< 50 000 Litres), C-140(< 80 000 Litres), C-200 (<100 000 Litres)

-      Automatic treatment using salt water electrolysis for unbeatable efficiency and swimming comfort.


3 Year (Pro Rata Warranty on the electrode)

1 Year (Unconditional Warranty)